That’is what meditate ?

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In the West, the term « to meditate » is akin traditionally has an intellectual exercise.

The calm and concentration help us to manipulate mental objects, whether it be ideas, words, numbers or memories, to put them in perspective, to confront and to extend, in order to achieve a result : a new concept or a part of truth that we will be able to express, share or demonstrate.

The etymology itself of the word « meditate » refers to the latin  » meditari « , which means  » to reflect « , thus reminding us of a tradition of philosophical millenium, or the spirit expresses itself through the work of a conscience reflechie.

Opening doors

In the way of the Buddha, meditate has a different meaning.

It is always a question of calm, concentration and the spirit, but the calm and concentration allow, in this tradition, to gain access to an experience of knowledge which is pure, direct and non-conceptual.

By letting it sit all our restlessness inside, and that do not limit our consciousness to only those concepts, emerge spontaneously in us a natural opening, a clarity which is internal, which allows us to become perfectly lucid about the nature of reality.conceptual.

All this is nice and all, but concretely, what is it means ? It means that it is possible to have a direct knowledge of things and situations, without necessarily having to conceptualize them.

A simple example could be a real-life situation or someone you walking on the feet inadvertently.

If that day you are in the mood vindictive, you’re going to start an altercation with this person who could very well finish in a manner which is violent, immersing yourself in a whole heap of complications.

Conversely, if at this precise moment, you make proof of attention and an open mind, the anger that does you’ll feel because of the unjust pain proven, will be immediately desamorcee, and nothing bad will happen. Life will go on peacefully… or even, who knows, grace has a smile, you could even bind friendship with the person who has you walking on the feet !

This space of consciousness very bright and very clear that you will have experienced a brief moment, the one that you will be able to realize without any doubt that the anger that you were in the process of feeling was an emotion useless, and although this space of consciousness corresponds to what the masters buddhists call an expression of the fundamental nature of our mind. It is a moment of wisdom pure. No need of intellect, no need of reflection, it is immediate and very direct : you know what you should do… and it is beneficial !

Mediter back and create breathing spaces and openness within our existence, in order to make more and more frequent, profound, and spontaneous, the appearance of these moments of wisdom, pure.


Become familiar with his / her own mind

During our times of meditation, just by being attentive to the movements of our mind, without anything to look other, you become familiar little by little with everything that is happening inside of us-even : how to operate our tensions, our obsessions or our fears. And by understanding how they work, then, little by little, it is released.

But to liberalize, it is necessary to proceed with tact and patience. In tibetan, meditate is called  » gom « , which means get used. Get used has its own spirit, has its characteristics, become familiar with the workings of this unknown that is our mind. There is nothing to force, nothing to want, nothing to fit. He should just take contact with self-same and observe quietly the evolution of its interior space.

Because of this familiarity, and this progressive liberalization, we become naturally less rigid, less on the defensive. This makes us ready to welcome whatever comes up with kindness. When, then, will appear in our lives common difficult situations, we will be ready to address them with all the quiet and the distance necessary : « Ah anger, I’ve well recognized ! You will not take from me your slave ! « .

Thus, we become able to learn from our mistakes, our faults, our sufferings, just like a child who does not double to burn your fingers on the stove, from the moment when he understood what was precisely was the origin of his pain. And this is the important point, to understand the origin of the pain, it takes just a moment forget the pain, to better be aware of its mechanism.

It is in this way that if epanouit the path of meditation : release the input to cultivate the attention… and thus, allow the wisdom to appear.


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