Why meditate

 » the Whole misfortune of men comes from one thing only, which is not to know not remain at rest in a room « . Blaise Pascal – Thinking 139, on Entertainment

Why remain seated, doing nothing, for long minutes, so that there is never enough time to accomplish all that one must do ?

So fun, in this simple paradox, stands without a doubt one of the keys to our human condition : « always busy, never happy » – « always to care, never satisfied » !

Day after day, we depensons an energy considerable to satiate our desires, to build our happiness, to secure our existence, and yet, in spite of all the entertainment we have, in spite of all the happy moments that egayent our lives and despite all the protections we have erigees… always comes the fateful moment, or emerge in us a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

A feeling is very troubling, that gives us the feeling that we are missing the target. That we are not in the  » real « . That our life is a rating of something more essential, more profound, that we cannot understand, in spite of all our efforts.

Then of course, we give the exchange. We like to think of our smiles and our activities flourishing constitute a mask strong, but interieurement, we know that there is nothing. Yet, in spite of the nature essential of this request is internal, we preferons continue to ignore the reality. And for good reason : we know very well that the fact that the radical of this existential wounds is of a nature as to call into question our relationship to the world.

Then, between the discomfort and the unknown, we preferons of course we recover in this discomfort that we know so well. Ok, the anger, the hatred, the fear, the doubt, the jealousy, the greed, the pride, the desire or boredom, are part of our lives and are not very delightful, but after all, is not this the common lot of all humanity… since the dawn of time ?

That is correct. But with time and the experiences of life, the intellectual argument does not face the reality internal. Something is not sticking, and he’ll have to deal with it !

Then, since we are dealing usually our intranquillite by the action, and since it does not appear, why not try to take the exact opposite of our habits, we sat for a moment, without doing anything, to let them gradually show us a fact that we was hidden by the tempest of our activities ?

There is a little more than 2500 years ago, with the same concern in mind, Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of the Shakya clan, took the firm decision to sit down in the lotus position, with nothing to do but to observe his mind, to reach a certainty that would no longer leave any room for doubt, and that would release all beings from suffering. Thanks to his courage and his abilities, he has found a way to be fertile to knowledge of the truth absolute, which led to the state of Buddha, a state of awakening to supreme and perfect.

To meditate is to share this experience of peace and freedom within, whose fruit is now being extended to us.


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