The temple’s purpose

A teaching space, a place of transmission

It will be a place of thought and of education for peace. Our traditions of meditation and self-contemplation will be kept alive, and in addition, meetings beyond the Buddhist community will be possible through the organization of seminars centered on philosophy and on science with Nobel Peace Prize recipients and scientists.

Starting in the 1960’s masters of Himalayan Buddhism came to the west, and notably to France to teach their spiritual tradition, which has been welcomed very enthusiastically by a great number of followers and sympathizers.

The Temple for Peace will continue to welcome these masters to the center in Aubry-le-Panthou as it has since its creation in 1982. Due to its traditional architecture it will be specially dedicated to the transmission of age-old wisdom.

As the situation is right now, the prayer room of the current temple in an 18th century building is too small to receive the growing number of followers and sympathizers, so the new Temple for Peace will offer a much more spacious framework so that we can benefit from these precious teachings.

A space for meditation practice

Understanding ethic rules, respect for others, and non-aggression are essential to Buddhist commitment, and they must be accompanied by meditation practice.

Himalayan Buddhism is made up of a number of very important meditation methods, prayers and rituals. This great variety, which is adapted to the diverse aptitudes and inclinations of men and women, must not hide its unique purpose: to free us of suffering and to bring us inner peace. Today many of us are disoriented by the materialistic race of this modern world and we are looking for this inner peace as well as a more serene way of living. These ancient meditative practices are passageways to help us discover the treasure lying within all of us. In fact the ancient texts say that each of us has Buddha’s nature within us, and by meditating we can discover the “heart of Buddha”: inner peace which combines wisdom and compassion.

As such, the Temple for Peace will be the place for us to apply these diverse meditative techniques that are designed to help inner peace bloom. According to the masters teaching us, sometimes simply just by their presence, this inner peace can be our most significant contribution to a better world.

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