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Does the nature of this venture and the importance of the « Temple for Peace » project arouse your interest?

Then, this realization certainly finds echoes in the values that are yours.

Whether your contribution is artistic, financial or through products or services, it is an important guarantee of the success of this company that we want to share. The funds are collected by the Vajradhara Ling congregation whose Lama Gyourmé, initiator of the construction of the temple for peace, is the spiritual leader. These funds are fully tax deductible by donors and donor companies.



Companies and individuals can express their support in this way.
These donations to the Vajradhara Ling congregation are eligible for French tax cuts.
Each gift is important and contributes to ultimate success.
No donation is insignificant.
You can choose a regular donation or one-time donation.


Faire un don maintenant :

Paypal ( par compte paypal ou par carte bancaire )



Merci d’établir votre chèque à l’ordre de :
Vajradhara-Ling – Temple pour la paix

et de l’adresser à
Vajradhara-Ling – Temple pour la paix
Le Château d’Osmont
61120 Aubry-le-Panthou


Autre moyen

Merci de nous contacter à l’adresse :


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Make a Gift
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